BIKE Rider to Bike Photographer

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Ive been riding mountain bikes socially and competitively for as long as i can remember. Every weekend i was somewhere and everywhere on my bike hunting for fast flowing downhills, primed berms and big kickers. That was until year..

The beginning of 2016 I swapped my mountain bike for a camera, with the aim to capture the thrilling moments of the sport instead of participating and what a year it has been! I started the year with no idea about photography, let alone fast paced action photography, but by the end of 2016 my images appeared in my favourite bike mags, photographed for a range of clients in the MTB industry and travelled places i had never ridden before.

I feel more involved in the sport than i ever have, and i actually feel like I’m giving back; the riders love seeing their snaps and the industry gets another photog expressing their views of the sport to the world.

So, i thought id take a minute to reflect, post a few of my favourite images and beginning to wonder what 2017 has install..

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